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Museum 'Simbirsk classical gymnasia'

The museum "Simbirsk classical gymnasia" is the only museum in the country, which tells about history of formation and development of secondary education in the Russian Empire. Memorial environment helps visitors to sense an atmosphere of an old educational institution of the 80-s of the 19th century.
The building of the former Simbirsk classical gymnasia is a historical monument.


Museum 'Popular schooling in the Simbirsk region in the 70-80-s of the 19th century'

The museum "Popular schooling in the Simbirsk region in the 70-80-s of the 19th century" is situated in Panskaya st. (now Engels st.). It was opened on the 25th of July 2006, on the eve of 150-year anniversary of I.N. Ulyanov birthday. Museum is arranged in two memorial buildings of the middle of the 19th century. One of them contains documental exposition, dedicated to formation and development of popular education in the Simbirsk region in 60-80-s of the 19th century.


Museum 'Simbirsk Chuvash teacher's school. Flat of I.Y. Yakovlev'

The house was built by Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev in 1885 for enlargement of Chuvash school. Now on the second floor of it is situated the representative office of Chuvash state university. But its main point of interest is the unique museum "Simbirsk Chuvash School. Flat of I.Y. Yakovlev", which was opened here in 1991.


The literature museum 'Yazykovs House'

(Branch of Goncharov regional museum of local lore)
The literature museum "Yazykovs House" was opened on the 5th of June 1999 by the 200-year anniversary of A.S. Pushkin birthday. It is occupied an old cottage, which belonged to Simbirsk noble family of Yazykovs. The construction of the museum, which was built at the border of 18th - 19th centuries, is the unique architectural monument.


Memorial museum 'Karamzin public library'

Ulyanovsk regional scientific library has its origin in Simbirsk Karamzin public library, which was opened on the 18th of April 1848 among the first fifty regional public libraries if Russia. The library in Simbirsk was created as a monument to the famous compatriot and the first Russian historiograph N.M. Karamzin, and by request of local nobility was named "Karamzinskaya".


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