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The house, where V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) was born

In the wing attached to Pribylovskaya house (the present address is: Square of 100 anniversary of V.I. Lenin birthday, 1a) young Ulyanovs family (a father, a mother, and two children) had lived since autumn 1869. One can't explain why Ulyanovs had chosen this house when they had arrived to Simbirsk. Maybe because it was close to the regional work-places - work of Ilya Nikolaevich.


Museum-apartment of V.I. Lenin

Apartment-museum of V.I. Lenin is a part of Lenin memorial complex and is situated in the house, on the second floor of which Ulyanovs family rented a flat (1871-1875). Here V. Ulyanov spent his early childhood. In 1874 in this appartment was born Dmitry, the younger brother of Vladimir.
On the first floor of the museum are presented documents, and works of art.


V.I. Lenin museum-memorial

V.I. Lenin museum-memorial was opened in Ulyanovsk on the 2nd of November 1941. Since April 1970 it is situated in the building of Lenin memorial - the monument of history, culture and architecture of the 20th century.
The exposition of the museum is the only one in the county that reveals life and activity of V.I. Lenin at the background of political history of the Russian State of the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century, his contemporaries, companions and opponents.


House-museum of V.I. Lenin

The museum is arranged in the house which was the property of Ulyanovs family in 1878-1887. Originality of the museum consists in the fact that its decor give an opportunity to comprehend culture of provincial intellectuals of the seconf half of the 19th century, imagine life of Russian official (by the example of real State Councilor I.N. Ulyanov) in official and family environment.


The secret flat of Simbirsk group of RSDRP

(Branch of Goncharov regional museum of local lore)
In Ulyanovsk has remained rare historical monument - the house, where since 1904 till 1906 was located the secret flat of Simbirsk social-democrats. A small modest house in Malosadovy Lane (now Green Lane) belonged to Orlovs family.


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