The Volga river | Embankmanet
Stone Beach

The stone beach of Ulyanovsk stretches out for many kilometers over the bridge along the right bank of the Volga. Steep slope to the Volga leads from the north part of the city and begins on the very top of the slope. On the slope are deserted gardens and summer houses. The stone embankment is made of concrete slabs, laid on the angle to water. On the edge runs an asphalted road for cars and pedestrians, there are set lanterns, and there is electric lighting.


Bank of the Volga in Undory

Undory village is the unique place. All the ground here consists of sediments of Jurassic period. Here is very high natural radiation level and air is ionized and resembles mountain air. 140 million years ago in this place was a sea, lived ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and ichtiostegs - fish that came to a dry land. In Undory was found a skeleton of the unknown for a science pangolin, which is called "undorosaur" in scientific circles. Bones of mammoth and skeletons of dinosaurs are everywhere, you even don't always have to dig. Ammonites, belemnites and other petrifactions here are not uncommon.


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