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The modern automobile bridge

Right-bank and Left-bank parts of the city are connected with the bridge across the Volga, which originally was constructed in 1912-1916. After 40 years, in 1953-1958 piers of the bridge were widened and raised a little. On them was arranged an automobile bridge, which as against riveted railroad bridge was made with welded connections. Extension of Ulyanovsk bridge over the Volga River is 2.2 km. Carrying capacity of the bridge is only 30 thousand cars a day. The bridge across the Volga is an object of the Federal importance.


New (unfinished) automobile bridge

Building of the bridge across the Volga in Ulyanovsk was started in 1986. Since 1995 till the April 1998 building of the bridge in Ulyanovsk was stopped, because of the discontinuance of financing from the federal budget. In 1998 it was decided to recommence building and determine the Administration of the Ulyanovsk region as its government requester.


Old Railroad Bridge (as a historical object)

After building in 1899 of a branch line to Simbirsk, appeared a problem of building a bridge across the Volga, especially when from Melekess to Chasovnya village (the suburb of the Zavolzhsky district of Simbirsk) was built a railway. People had to unload freights from cars and then take them across the Volga, in winter on ice, and in summer by barges to the next station and loading to cars.


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