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'Vostok-Zapad' (East - West)

This oasis in the center of Ulyanovsk combines original western culture and magic oriental cuisine. This cafe offers you cuisine of different countries, excellent service and a wonderful time! Only here you can enjoy the real Italian pizza, made in hearth oven.


Grill Master

Conception of "Grill Master" - is a "Family restaurant of fast service". Really here cook "Fast and tasty"!
Wide variety of dishes includes: special Ice-Bahn (baked pork), classical German hamburgers and sausages, grilled chickens, pork and chicken barbeque.


'Izba' (Peasant's House)

Cafe "Izba" offers its visitors to taste dishes of traditional Russian cuisine in romantic atmosphere. Here reigns the idea of healthy food and good service. Menu includes dishes, made according to old recipes.


'Skazka' (Fairy Tale)

This is an ice-cream cafe for children in the very center of the city! Walls of the cafe are painted with pictures of fairytale heroes, and the menu of the cafe includes favorite children's dainties: ice-cream, cakes, vitamin and milk cocktails. You also can arrange a holiday or a birthday of your kid, and cheerful clowns will conduct an entertainment program.


U Gasheka

Czech beer and cuisine, Eastern European interior - you will find all this in the cafe "U Gasheka". Real high-quality beer you can taste only here. You will be offered such famous sorts of beer as "Krucovice", "Budweiser", and etc. National Czech dishes, for example, potato dumplings with mushroom sauce, combines with beer good.



Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in the world. It is also included in the menu of small cafes and luxurious restaurants. In pizzeria "Sicily" is cooked thin, tasty and crispy pizza in the special hearth oven. Its taste is really great! Pizza goes as snack or as main dish of any meal, and variety of stuffing will surprise you!



"Maxi-pizza" is a popular cafe in the center of the city. It is the only place, where pizza is cooked according to the Italian technology. An excellent interior, made in style of Venice carnivals is suitable for a meeting with friends and for a date. Here you can also have a snack during the working day. Prices for pizza are not high.


'Okna' (Windows)

Big coffee house "Okna" is situated on the second floor of the hotel "Venets" in the very center of the city. This is the most popular and favorite place of Ulyanovsk youth. Here you can not only drink a cup of coffee, but also to listen to live music or visit an internet-cafe.



The coffee house "Rombouts" is a stylish and glamorous place with an interior made in Gothic style. Here is large variety of hot cocktails: grogs, punches, mulled wine and toddies. Here you can order coffee as it was prepared in the East. This is the oldest way of making coffee. It is cooked in copper panniken, called ibrik (jezve, Turkish coffee pot).


'Stary gorod' (Old City)

The coffee house "Stary Gorod" is situated very conveniently - in the very center of Ulyanovsk. Here are large variety of good aromatic coffee, different tea sorts, cocktails and desserts, business-lunches. There is a banquet room in the cafe. Here you can have a business meeting or a romantic date. The atmosphere here disposes to calm intellectual conversation.



"Michel" is an exquisite French corner in our city! Here you'll find everything what is typical of the restaurants of such level: genuine French wines, excellent cuisine, romantic atmosphere, live cabaret music and entertaining program.



This cafe is situated in the center of the city, Cafe-club offers its guests traditional European dishes and dishes of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. In the bar you'll find not only a large wine list, but also you can order a nominal cocktail or refined coffee. Those who wish can dance or play Russian billiard or American pool. On weekends and holidays here are organized entertaining show programs.


Cafe 'Pit-Stop'

An original sporting interior in the spirit of "Formula-1", original cooking, cable television, closeness to the gas station and car service center - all these characteristics make "Pit-Stop" not just the most "motoring" cafe of the city, but a stylish place for all who value cozy atmosphere and tasty food.



If you are dreaming of diving into sea depths - then cafe "Aquamarine" will pleasantly surprise you with original interior of the cafe, huge plasma panel and convenient location in the center of the city. Cozy atmosphere and polite staff, delicious and various dishes, nice music - you'll find here everything for a full rest.



Sushi-boom is very popular among all levels of Ulyanovsk population. The secret of success of Japanese cuisine is rather natural - delicious and low-calorie food allows you to enjoy the meal completely. Design of the restaurant combines European functionality and calm of the East.


'Barbecue-house in Federatsii St.'

The most tasty and not expensive barbecue is in Federatsii St. Every Ulyanovsk citizen knows that. You can order a separate compartment, if you've come with a company, or just take a bite at the table in the open air. Anyway, you'll really enjoy juicy barbecue or aromatic pilaw.


Art-café «The Piano»

Not long ago at the center of our city was opened the new art-café with unusual name «The Piano». Not only the name of the café is unusual, but also its conception, which is concluded in the word «Art». The café combines creative interior and an excellent cuisine, and it has also become a favorite place of citizens’ leisure.

This success is not accidental. Only at this place you can enjoy «live» piano music — the main café attribute, and also demonstrate your musical talents.

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The Pancake HOUSE

You came to see the blockbuster in the movie theater «Khudozhestvenny»? But you still have some spare time before the movie. What can you do? There is only one answer for this question — come to the 3rd floor and visit the Pancake HOUSE.

Here you find glamorous atmosphere of the cinema industry, which is presented in big posters with images of well-known actors and actresses, and a marvelous pancake menu with different stuffing: cheese, meat, ham, condensed milk, jam… Hot pancakes remind you of the home comfort; you will relax and get ready for watching the interesting movie.

Qualified service personnel will sincerely wish you «Bon appetite!» And it will be so!



This is a new café in the center of the city. You can taste excellent dishes of Italian cuisine, have a rest in the general room or in the VIP-zone, and play billiard. You will appreciate comfort and stylization of Italian classical restaurant, which is unusual for our city, and will come back to this place time and again. We are open from 10 a.m. till 1 a.m.


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