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Art-café «The Piano»

Not long ago at the center of our city was opened the new art-café with unusual name «The Piano». Not only the name of the café is unusual, but also its conception, which is concluded in the word «Art». The café combines creative interior and an excellent cuisine, and it has also become a favorite place of citizens’ leisure.

This success is not accidental. Only at this place you can enjoy «live» piano music — the main café attribute, and also demonstrate your musical talents.

People, who like European service, will appreciate original design of dishes, effective and thought-out interior, conventionalized for a musical instrument. The corridor floor is made in the form of black and white piano keys, and in the room are situated boxes and shelves with man’s bow-ties and bijouterie for women, which you can try, engrossing in the atmosphere of holiday and joy.

Here you can also watch the movie or enjoy live music.

The café is situated in the center of the city, and it is suitable for business meetings and for romantic dates. Creative atmosphere of this place will emphasize unusualness of the meeting.

Wide variety of dishes in the menu, which combine Italian, French and even Morocco cuisines, and unforgettable design won’t let anybody indifferent.

And again and again you want to come back to this place…

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