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Shopping center «Pallada»

It is a six-storey modern building in the center of the city. The second and the third floors are completely occupied by shops. Here, everyone would find what he wants! Unique choice of fur coats and sheepskin coats by «Canada» is presented for exacting and practical fashionable women. The center of fashion trends «Ot I Do» offers the best models of the world’s well-known brands. Boutique «Malibu» will attract young and stylish people, here is presented clothes of European brands. For those women, who care about health, here is situated the center of high medicine and cosmetic technologies.


Shopping center «Amarant»

It is one of the most well-known and really glamorous shopping centers of Ulyanovsk. The first level has a separate exit from the street. Here is situated one of the famous shoe stores «DA». The second level fascinates you with the world’s brands: «Savage», «Calvin Klein», «Incanto», «Ile De Beaute». The third level is an embodiment of exclusiveness and epatage. Men would appreciate the boutique «Sudar», where are presented suits by V. Zaytsev. «Daring» clothes boutique «Egoistka» is a good choice for young people. The jeweler’s «Diadema» will be interesting for luxury connoisseur. The fourth level keeps a pleasant surprise. It’s a stylish «fashion café», cozy and blending with the atmosphere of the shopping center.


«Alliance» (near the central market)

«Alliance» consists of four floors where is presented brand production of the well-known Russian and foreign companies. Clothes by Adidas, Yaxo, TVOE. The third floor is occupied by the supermarket of electronic goods «Eldorado». If coffee and tea ceremonies are important for you then you should visit an exclusive boutique were are presented unique sorts of tea and coffee, and special things which allow you to make this ritual a real occasion. On the fourth floor you have an opportunity to have a rest in a cozy café and gather strength for new pleasant purchases,


The shopping center in K. Marks Street

The shopping center in K. Marks Street (near CNTI) is a fashion center with maximal quantity of clothes and accessories of the highest qualities at moderate prices. This is a world of modern trade, rest and entertainments. This center will present a new conception of trade real estate for Ulyanovsk region, which will allow customers make quality purchases and have a rest with family in comfort conditions.

In this building will be situated boutiques with famous Russian and foreign clothes, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, food-court and a unique entertaining block: «5 karmanov», Adidas, Reebok, Sviaznoy 3, Carlo Pazolini, Henderson, Expedition, Sultana Frantsuzova, Evgeniya Ostrovskaya, Sunie Li, Wool Street, Alfred Muller, Mexx, Benetton, Bustier, Ile de Beaute, Accessorize, Motivi, S’Oliver, Incity, Sbarro, TransForce.


Shopping center «DARS»

The shopping center offers three stories of the best services and goods for you. On the first floor you can purchase everything that you need for your house: indispensable and reliable technical goods in wide assortment. In different boutiques you can choose clothes of any style: from glamorous to business. Fashionable women appreciate wide variety of accessories: belts, umbrellas, and bijouterie. On the third floor you can have a rest with your family in a cozy café. You won’t get tired in the shopping center, because escalator will deliver you up and down.


Shopping center «Alliance»

Here you can find everything. You can completely change your image and way of life after you’ve come to this place. Clothes are fashionable. Accessories will complete and enrich your style. All members of your family can find here necessary things.

Shopping without problems is guaranteed in Alliance. You will enjoy purchases and service!



«METRO Cash and Carry» is a worldwide well known hypermarket, not long ago it was opened in Ulyanovsk. Here you will find everything that you need for work (if you a wholesaler in a small-scale business) and your family. At a large space of the hypermarket areas is concentrated the widest assortment of goods: fresh, food, the best clothes, technical goods and etc.


Shopping center «Arbat»

The shopping center was opened on the 1st of October 2006.

Boutiques are remarkable for the excellent choice of quality goods. Here you can purchase brand clothes by «OGGI», «Milano», «Style Collection». The entire boutique is dedicated to lady’s hats. Different styles, for different occasions and all seasons.

The section of medicinal and decorative cosmetic by acknowledged domestic producer «Mirra Lux» will satisfy demands of any woman.


Shopping center «Goncharova, 30»

It is the heart of the city. Three floors. Everything is taken into account in this shopping center. It’s like a small town. You want to be special? «Inter Moda» offers women’s clothes and underwear from France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Austria. Do you want to dress up your child? In the boutique of children’s clothes «Kanz» you will choose the most suitable clothes for your kid. Do you want to make an expensive present for yourself or somebody, who is close to you? At the jeweller’s «Yuvelia» you will find such present. In the shopping center there is also an exclusive shop — professional boutique for hairdressers «Merts Solingen». And if you get tired from purchases and impressions, you can eat delightful ice-cream «Baskin Robbins» or relax and have dinner in the café «Stary Gorod».


Shopping center «Sadko»

It seems that everything that is suitable for stylish and successful people is concentrated here! Always fashionable jeans you can find at the boutique «Jeans World» («Dzhinsovy Mir»). If you pay much attention to accessories than boutique «Persona» is what you need. In «Tarzan», «Brave» and «Leader» boutiques are presented the best collections of men’s clothes. Quality shoes from Italy you can purchase in «Classic» boutique. And if you want to by some souvenirs you can do it at the special gift shop. And finally you can have a cup of coffee in the cozy café «Tierra» on the first floor.

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