Rick Beebe

(запись 01.06.2012 10:15)

What is the name of the closest international airport nearest to Ulyanovsk? I will be leaving from Sacramento (SMF)California, or San Francisco (SFO), please let me know, Thanks, Rick

Mark Scrivener

(запись 14.11.09 в 10:22)

  Stayed in Ulyanovsk for 3 weeks in Oct/2004. Enjoyed my stay and met some wonderful people.

Brent A.

(запись 14.11.09 в 01:02)

  Can't wait to go back. I have family in Ulyanovsk, and it's an interesting place to visit!
Not to mention that I was married there.

Nali _nhan

(запись 13.11.09 в 16:42)

  to Luiba Mozalsovaya Nicolaievna:
By this Site I hope to see you my dear. 20 years already
Nali Nhan


(запись 20.08.09 в 14:34)

  Hey guys, you should all come and live here

John Harland

(запись 11.08.09 в 10:55)

  I worked in Ulyanovsk fo a year in 2006/7 and loved the city and it's people. I returned in '09 and it was great to see the city improving even shops, restaurants etc. Can not wait to drive over the new bridge!

Noel Guardado Aguilar

(запись 25.05.09 в 16:14)

  Navegando sin brújula por la red de redes me encontré con el sitio de Ulyanovsk; por favor dejenme expresar mi admiración por la belleza de esa ciiudad. No sigan hablando de sitios bellos si no conocen Ulyanovsk. Albricias.

Jelle West

(запись 29.04.09 в 16:57)

  Always when I come to Ulyanovsk I really enjoy my time over here. Within 5 years I really wish to start my own business over here. A great city with great opportunities.

Ainsworth Morrison

(запись 14.04.09 в 09:06)

  I have only looked at the sights of your city on the internet but let me say it is absolutely beautiful.I wish to visit some day.

Nanado in Jamaica

Monica H.

(запись 31.03.09 в 15:07)

  I am proud to say that my
great-grandfather was born in Ulyanovsk in 1830. I hope to visit there one
day! It looks to be a beautiful city.

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